eLawCounsel now launched!

We are proud to be the lead developer for eLawCounsel.com a virtual law firm that offers its clients unbundled legal services online. Clients can choose to join eLawCounsel’s membership program for special offers and discounts or select a non member service at a set price. eLawCounsel is not a traditional law firm.

All communications between client and attorney are done electronically. Because eLawCounsel does not maintain an expensive office space the firm’s overhead is significantly decreased allowing us to reduce rates accordingly while providing the same level of excellent service. Transparency is extremely important to eLawCounsel, there are no hidden rates, fees or billable hours. Once a service has been purchased, eLawCounsel will provide its clients a secured Client Account with a username and password where the client can communicate with his/her attorney and upload documents.